Mobile Proof of Delivery

Mobile Proof of Delivery

About This Software

This application was designed & developed in interest to automate the Delivery Force Team for data collections on field and update the real-time status of documents delivered. As a value added service our proposed application carries a GPS (personal tracking system), which provides the location information of the field staffs. And the most important feature this application is capable of Online/Offline data synchronization means you can synchronize your data thru data connection from your handheld using ( GRPS/3G or WiFi hotspots ) in supportto have this system can store your day-today transaction information's on the handheld device. We provide a signature proof system where your field staff’s can collect signatures for authenticity of data collected. Reporting engine to provide you the user reports easier.

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  • Features Checklist

    • Online / Offline Support (works even no wireless network)

    • Low Battery Alert

    • No Network Zone Alert

    • Signature Capture

    • Text (SMS / Email) Alert on Delivery.

    • Wireless Data Synchronization via WiFi / WiMax / 3G / 2G (EDGE)

    • GPS Tracking (Client interface with Google Map support )

    • Barcode Scanning / Document Capturing (via in-Built Camera)


To Know more about Mobile POD system , email us : info [at]